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St James’s Place

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A massive thank you to St James’s Place who donated £800 so that we could buy an iPad Pro to ensure that our visually impaired clients could use the internet and type with more ease. The iPad allows you to adjust the contrast and font size to suit their individual needs.

Please read Alison’s thank you letter to St James’s Place below:

Putting into words how my morning at Headway was last week, is going to be an emotional thing for me to share with you.

I was told that Headway had approached the company, St James’s Place, with a bid for funding for a suitable iPad to be used by clients who cannot, because of their sight impairment use traditional typing keyboards to communicate.

This is my situation and by providing your gift of funding, for this large iPad screen which a member of staff has now set up with all the possible up-to-date accessibility functions, now means today, I am sat at my group table dictating using voice accessibility this heartfelt thank you to your company.

I was completely overwhelmed both mentally and emotionally by this gift to Headway. It means I for the first time since my SAH and sudden sight loss in December 2017, I can independently communicate via email; be able to conduct independent Internet searches and have information read back to me because my eyes cannot do this for me anymore.

In the future I hope to gain employment again and being able to independently use an iPad with magnification
and audio has basically opened the door that
was slammed shut for me.

I hope to be in touch with your company to update you on my progress.

With sincere and heartfelt thanks.

Ali. S