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COVID Update

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To all the members of the Headway Swindon family,


Covid-19 service update


As the country eases itself out of lockdown, and more shops and services are reopening, I am sure you are wondering about Headway Swindon’s plans and more specifically when and how we will reopen the centre.


Please be assured that our primary focus, as ever, is to ensure that keeping everyone safe is at the core of everything we do. We understand that many of you have been shielding and we need to ensure that any actions we take do not put you at risk.


As I am sure you have seen, the government’s attention has been changing over the last few months. During lockdown it was focused on essential services such as the NHS, care homes and food stores. Then it moved to getting the economy going, starting with the areas with the biggest impact such as retail. Leisure activities for the general population came next and only now are we starting to see guidelines about safe opening of adult day care services.


One thing is certain, when we do reopen you will see many changes to the way we operate. There will be new entrance and exit routes, signage and markings to keep 2m distancing, mandatory hand gel use and hand washing procedures, staff and attendees wearing different levels of PPE for different activities, enhanced cleaning regimes, and far fewer people. As you know, a lot of our work is based on one to one support at close proximity so how and whether we can continue this needs to be thought out very carefully. Many of you use public transport such as buses, taxis and community transport so we need to ensure these are available and you are confident to use these safely. We may need to create “bubbles” of staff and clients to reduce the risk of transmission, and with a reduced capacity the timing and frequency that you attend may need to change. The list of things to consider is extensive and it will take time to figure everything out. We appreciate your patience while we take our time to ensure we have everything in place to keep everyone safe.


In the meantime, we continue to offer and develop our remote service. Your keyworker will keep in touch by phone and we will continue to provide you with work packs containing the exercises that you would usually take 2 weeks at Headway to complete. Art packs are also available for those who are interested. Daily activities are posted on Facebook and we are hosting video calls each week and would encourage all of you to join in. They are great fun and a good way to keep in contact with each other. If you don’t have the technology to join in, or are worried about how to use it, please speak to your keyworker who would be able to help and we have tablet computers to loan out if you need one. We are continually looking at other ways that we can support you from a distance.


I hope that you are all keeping safe and well. Please take care in everything you do and remember that the virus has not gone away so we all need to be careful.


Best wishes,

Jane Weston, CEO