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Meet the Trustees

Anna Cole


I joined Headway Swindon as a Trustee in 2007 and have been Chairman since 2009. Through my work as a lawyer, I meet many people who have had head injuries. Volunteering at Headway enables me to give something back by helping and supporting individuals, families and carers affected by traumatic and acquired brain injuries. I am able to bring leadership, organisational and management skills, and relevant legal knowledge to the organisation.

Daniel Green


I originally joined Headway Swindon as a Trustee in 2009 and after a couple of years working away I re-joined as Secretary in 2013.

Anthony Hill


I joined Headway Swindon in February 2005, carrying on a tradition set by previous members of the Rotary Club of Swindon to become trustees. I am a director of my family’s business, which specialises in waste management, aggregates and building trades. I have a wide range of experience that I gained through different roles both in my family firm and working for a company restoring classic cars.

Ian Reynolds


I have been a Trustee of Headway Swindon for 10 years, having started as a client in 1998 after a road traffic accident in 1997. Prior to that I was a Service Manager of a car dealership. I became a Trustee to be able to repay Headway for all the help they gave to me and bring support to the staff and clients. I have been in the position that many of the clients will find themselves in and for many it is a very long road to recovery but it will get better.

Neil Sharland


In 2004 I suffered a brain injury as a result of a road traffic accident. I became a client later that year and started a program of recovery that led me to a return to work at my family roofing company a year later. The help and support of the staff was amazing and the camaraderie with the other clients enabled me to regain lost skills. In 2009 I rejoined as a trustee. It is a honour to be able to repay the organisation for being there for me and my family during my time of need.

Stuart Brazington

Stuart Brazington


I am a solicitor and Court appointed Deputy and have been working with brain injured people in my professional capacity for 28 years. I have also been volunteering to support all those touched by brain injury in their lives in various ways, and am pleased to have been a Trustee with Swindon Headway since 2010. I will continue to be an advocate and ambassador for the those affected by brain injury.