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Without your support, Headway couldn’t operate and provide essential support to brain injury survivors, their families and carers. The examples below demonstrate how your money makes a difference.

Where your money goes

  • £1 buys a new book for the clients’ Kindle

  • £2 goes towards purchasing art supplies

  • £6 pays for one art/pottery lesson for one client

  • £20 pays for a volunteer’s expenses for 3 days at Headway

  • £35 pays for one seated Zumba class for all the clients

  • £35 pays for one singing session for all the clients

  • £50 - £100 goes towards special one off activities/events.

You can make a one-off or regular donation to Headway Swindon in the following ways

For more information, please contact us 01793 674820 or email: