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Meet the Staff

Jane Weston

Chief Executive Officer

I joined Headway Swindon in March 2014 with my first challenge being to find us new premises and organise the move of 67 clients, 12 employees, many volunteers and lots of furniture and equipment. We are now happily settled in our lovely new home in Dorcan, where we have been able to welcome an additional 22 clients and organise a greater variety of activities. My focus now is on ensuring we can continue to grow and develop the service to meet the needs of our clients, carers and the local community.

Sonia de Blaquiere BSc (Hons)

Service Development Manager

I have been at Headway since 2007. I have a Certificate in Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy and a level 3 award in Leadership and Management. I have many years of experience with brain injury and working with health care professionals. My responsibilities include developing the service in line with our business plan, being the first point of contact for new clients, Volunteers, placements and information to support carers and families. Engaging with the community to promote education and prevention of brain injuries.

Maria Marvell

Support Worker

I come from a care background and joined Headway in February 2014. I like to spend time looking at work that suits the interests of my individual clients, so that they are more motivated to join in. I am currently developing education courses on brain injury to help our clients.

Irene Foreman

Support Worker

I joined Headway as a volunteer in September 2013 having previously been employed in a residential setting, working with people with other neurological conditions. I love to organise a singing afternoon for the clients, getting out all of our musical instruments and encouraging everyone to take part.

Sandy Mutch

Support Worker

I became part of the Headway Support Team in July 2015. With a background in Early Years Education I like to help people to improve and reach their full potential. I have a particular interest in arts and crafts and am working on some ideas to bring some new art projects into Headway.

Sarah Tuck

Support Worker

I joined Headway in September 2015 after having undertaken a variety of roles assisting both adults and children. I enjoy meeting new people and finding out about them so I can help them to succeed. I particularly enjoy the one to one work with clients with complex problems who need that little extra support and understanding.


Lindsay Grayson

Support Worker

I joined Headway in March 2016 after taking a career break to raise a family. I was immediately struck by the supportive atmosphere and welcome that I received and work hard to ensure that anyone new to Headway feels the same. Having 3 dogs of my own I was particularly excited when Headway Swindon decided to get a therapy dog and will be using the dog to help clients to overcome communication and other issues.


Laurel Simpson

Administrator and Events Coordinator

I joined the team in Sept 2016 to take on a lot of administrative duties including bookkeeping, marketing and fundraising support, contacting suppliers and keeping records. I am usually the first voice you hear on the phone, and am busy in the background keeping everything organised. I enjoy working with vulnerable people and often help clients and join in activities.

Jasmin Cook

Support Worker

I have recently joined Headway Swindon in June 2017. I come from a children and family services background. I am very passionate about helping individuals reach their full potential and reaching their goals. The clients and staff have been lovely and extremely welcoming. I am looking forward to my future at Headway Swindon.

Josephine Fliski

Corporate and Community Liaison

I am a mum of two little boys who are the centre of my universe. I’ve taken this opportunity to work with Headway Swindon as a volunteer coordinator. I have worked in very diverse industries but all hold their clients at the centre of their attention, which is what drew me to wanting to be a part of the Headway Swindon team. I look forward to becoming part of the Headway family.

Mandy Mills

Support Worker

I joined Headway Swindon in August 2018. I like to make a difference in people’s lives and put a smile on their face. I came from the care sector background, working with people with dementia and Alzheimer’s for over 15 years. I feel very privileged to be a part of this amazing organisation and working with the clients of Headway who are truly amazing.

Louise Hall

Support Worker

I joined Headway in November 2018. After working in the care sector and looking after people that had suffered from strokes, I wanted to continue learning about how people can recover. I love how friendly and welcoming all the clients are towards each other, it’s a fantastic place to work.

Sarah Bedlington


I joined Headway at the beginning of July 2019 and quickly felt very much a part of the family. After spending most of my career in the corporate world, I decided I needed a change and wanted to do something that was emotionally rewarding and have definitely found that here. Plus there’s always plenty of cake!


Brainy Dog

I joined the Headway Swindon team in October 2016 as a therapy dog to help the clients. After a brain injury people can lose their friends and become very lonely and isolated, so my job is to be a friend to everyone and to give lots of love and cuddles.