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Thank You!

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“…In February this year I was diagnosed with FND (Functional Neurological Disorder). There is no cure for FND, each day is different as my brain and my nervous system continually disconnect. The symptoms cause me chronic head pain, gait and balance problems, chronic migraines, involuntary movements, limb weakness, falls, sensory changes, sleep disturbances, speech problems and visual changes. Shortly after my diagnosis we went into lockdown and along with many others who attend Headway I suddenly felt isolated as the centre was closed and has been ever since.

The weekly calls from my support worker were invaluable, just to hear a familiar voice and have a catch up meant so much. During lockdown I have been in regular touch with other friends of my ‘Headway Family’, we have all had our days of feeling isolated, but with a voice message to each other, general mickey taking and sharing our days we have propped each other up. For me lockdown has bought me even closer to such wonderful people and that bond is immeasurable.

The team at Headway know just how much I enjoy arts and crafts. I never had any time whilst working as a Nurse to be creative. However, Headway have been posting regular art packs to me which has truly ignited my creative flair. I treated myself to a Cricut as my vision can make cutting things difficult, but most of the work is done by hand and alot of help from a magnifier! As a result have managed to raise £100 from donations made for my crafts from close friends and family, which I will proudly present to Headway in the Near Year.

I have attached a few photographs of some of my recent crafting, using some of the materials not only Headway but Zurich provided in my Christmas bag this year. Since being diagnosed with FND I started to feel as though my body had failed me, but since starting crafts I have managed to distract myself from some of my FND symptoms and learn that my body may not be functioning in the way it should, but it is working enough for me to undertake some art. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to both Headway and Zurich, your kindness means so very much. May you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas…”

Kind regards,

Samantha Richards